Sestriere – Milky way 

Sestriere sits at the heart of one of Europe’s biggest ski areas known as the Via Lattea (Milky Way). There are 146 skiable pistes which together total 390km of runs, of which 120 km are covered with snowmaking facilities. The skiing is divided between 2 north west facing peaks. A gondola provides easy access out of Sestriere into the rest of the ski system.

The resort hosts regular Skiing World Cup events and was the heart of the Alpine skiing world in 2006 when the Olympics were held in Turin.

Sestriere is the first purpose-built ski resort in Italy. The two hotel towers that dominate the skyline were built in the 1930s by FIAT’s founder Giovanni Agnelli to provide a holiday retreat for the workers in the FIAT factory in Turin. They have now become the symbol of the village.